Monday, 22 August 2016

Junk Food Beach Blankets

Now I've never been one to give excuses for my fat. I have it, it's on me. And I'd like to thank pizza, cakes and a whole host of other junk foods that have made my body what it is today lol
With my tattoos on my arms displaying my love of pizza, bacon, cupcakes, donuts, even a whole picnic basket(!) it's no surprise that I enjoy the aesthetics of food not just the taste. So when I stumbled upon a Pizza beach blanket, there was no question that I was passing it by. 
Good old EBay. It never fails to let me down with the odd things I stumble upon. I read the listing over and was sceptical at what I might receive. We've all seen those comedy posts where someone had thought they'd bought a rug for their lounge but what arrived was a 10 inch rug for a dolls house. Or those dresses that you *know* aren't going to look anything like the gorgeous display images. But this 'blanket' was super cheap so I really didn't have much to lose. 

Isn't it super cute?! 

I know I'm not on a beach, but that's not going to stop me getting it out at any opportunity! 
So not only does this come in pizza print but they also do a big pink donut and a burger too! I'm already waiting for the burger one to arrive. Or if junk food isn't your thing then they have a range of mandala designs too.
These are thin yet pretty durable. It's almost like a thick sarong material that's silky and fluid like. Perfect not just for the beach or poolside but for picnics too. 

Which is your favourite? X

Friday, 5 August 2016

Wild Thing by Elomi

As someone who swims every week, I know the importance of good swimwear. I personally opt for a bikini when I'm on holiday, a tankini when I take my daughter swimming and a swimsuit for Aqua circuits and lane swims.
For years I wore a bandeau style costume as it kept 'everything' in when I was bouncing around but it didn't offer my chest the support it needed. 
When I got the chance to choose a piece of swimwear from Elomi , I knew that I should opt for something I could really benefit from over something that would look good for lounging by the pool in. 
Well, that's what I had in my head! But when Wild Thing arrived and I tried it on, not only was it supportive and well fitting, but it looked bloody gorgeous on! 

With its gathered, rouching effect to the middle, shaped safari print trim and molded cups, it was simply stunning but yet so simple and classic. 

I ordered it in a size 18 and it was true to size. I'd say it was very generous in the bottom as its little big in that spot. 
You can find the Elomi swim range here along with a list of stockists x

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Juliet by Playful Promises

It's not often you come across a new (to me) brand and your jaw hits the floor as every piece of lingerie is simply stunning. That's what happened when I laid eyes on the curve range by Playful Promises. Clearly I am not alone as the range is flying off the shelves! The collection features seductive little touches like peephole cut outs and harness style straps. They almost touch upon that flirty/dirty look and I bloody love it! Cup sizes range from a generous 38B-G 40-42 C-G and up to a dress size 24.
Now as you may know from my previous posts, I've been struggling to find a decent bra fit since losing some weight. I seem to be flitting between sizes and as all brands vary, this has become quite the challenge when ordering online. I decided to go for a 38 E and it was a dream fit!! 

This half cup bra (Juliet) has side mesh panels that sit in the perfect spot to really give my bust a lift not just up but out too. Once I put it on, I gave a little squeal! I just love the harness choker that comes separately. This is fully adjustable too. 

The briefs were sheer, high waisted and feature a peephole style cut out at the back but this was a little wasted on me as they were far too large. I did order a 20 when I should of ordered a 16. Once I wore the matching girdle over the top, it really wasn't an issue. I still look hot! 

It took until a couple of years ago to realise that I could be sexy in underwear. The thought of getting my clothes off was something I had always dread. I think with a bit more self confidence and brands realising there was a big gap in the market for sexy yet classy lingerie has helped me a lot. Be sure to look at the full collection at Playful Promises here.. X

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Trying Something New with Evans

So when it comes to blog post outfits, I'd like to think I keep outfits diverse as possible. I wouldn't like to keep churning out the same look each week in fear of becoming predictable. So when given the chance of choosing something to review, I always try something I wouldn't usually choose myself in a store so I can style it in my own way to suit me and my body. Thanks to Evans, I got the chance to choose an item that pushed my comfort level!
I decided to choose some trousers that I could wear in the summer. As a stay at home mum, it's all too easy to pull on a pair of leggings or joggers, and although practical, they're not quite stylish. 

These beautiful tapered leg trousers jumped off the screen at me and knew I had to try them. 

They are a non stretch chiffon like material with an elasticated waist band. I love the tapered look and again, is not a style I usually go for. The print and colour is as bold as can be which is definitely my style. I was a little disappointed when they arrived as the stitching had undone down the leg seam a good few inches but I'm sure this was a rare oversight. 

The 'body' of the trousers were roomy, no riding up or too much sagging and although I was aware of my visible belly outline, I still felt pretty confident hence the tucked in Bardot top. I had the perfect necklace that I found on EBay to match too. 
Now I've tried this style, I will surely be adding another pair to my wardrobe for autumn. Possibly some wide pinstripes! 

The trousers can be found here X

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dotty about Danielle by Elomi

It's that time again when I whip off my clothes and reveal a stunning new set of undies. This time it's all courtesy of the wonderful folk at Elomi.
I've been admiring this plus size lingerie brand for quite some time now but hadn't yet taken the plunge. But now I have my very first set and it's gorgeous!

I opted for Danielle, with its cute, colourful dot design. It's deep plunge shape is perfect for those low cut items without losing any support. 

Although this particular bra is slightly too big in the cup for me, you really couldn't tell unless you knew what to look for. The stretch lace top fits close to my skin without any gaping, there is no sign of side rolls or side boob, the central gore sits flat and comfortably against my chest bone. I think one cup smaller and this bra would be spot on for my shape. As it is, it had a seperating effect and wanted my twins to become to distant relatives!

Elomi range from sizes 34-48 B to K cup in a range of designs and cuts. You can find them here. x

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Inspired by festivals with Simply Be

With this years Glastonbury now over, many festival goers are looking for the next big summer festival. What's not to love with great live music, sleeping under the stars and making memories with your friends. But of course festivals aren't for everyone but that doesn't stop the shopping of fab fashion trends that come out this time of year.
Here's my nod to festival fashion in not one but two ways that I created with Simply Be.

This gorgeous silky playsuit caught my attention at first glance. With its colourful pattern, nipped in waist and the crossover plunge neckline, it was just perfect! I paired it with a simple cropped denim jacket and patterned wellies, similar here, perfect for the inevitable wet weather. 

The beautiful fringed bag can be found here. I tucked the strap inside and used it as a clutch bag. The strap is also adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes. A small touch that I really like. 

I just had to show you the amazing sleeves on this playsuit! Did I mention it also has pockets?!!

Gladiator sandals can be found here. Although very comfortable, the zip up back broke very quickly :(

I love how anything goes when it comes to festival looks. The mix of fabrics, textures, colours and styles. It's one time of the year that you can really let your creative side go wild. The crazier the better! Or like me, you can choose one vibrant piece and add your sensible items to it x  

**Although items were gifted, all views are my own**

Monday, 27 June 2016

My OOTD; Blinded by the daisies

Just like Prince once sang 'Every day is a yellow day, I'm blinded by the daisies in your yard.'

            Daisy sunglasses from Coachella range at H&M

Digging through my wardrobe, I felt I needed to brighten my day with something extra bright to wear. And what better colour than bright yellow! It had to be this gorgeous Bardot frill dress, with its flouncy neckline and flowy jersey fabric. Although this is no longer available, there is a black version available here and in pink here. There are many other beautiful yellow pieces around at the moment. Whether it's a top, a dress or just a statement necklace, I'm just loving the sunshine shade. 

Here's just few that I found that I love!

12, 3